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Friday, October 10, 2008


MARRIAGE very deep deep in's a beautiful bond between woman n man.Every single woman n man wants to married once in their lifetime. so am i.but what i've seen nowadays,every single marriage end up with DIVORCED.sometimes i'm keep wondering what kind of marriage are all of this.this because what i've known,someone will fall in love first before they decided to married with they partner.sometimes, i've heard weird sound that their divorced because there's no more LOVE and some said there's a FATE.but what kind of fate is?before married, we say that it is fate that we married our partner and same occur when we divorced.CRAZY...gosh...are we married because we avoid from making SIN or we married because we know that we love our partner and want to spend our lifetime together until death do us apart?juz take a little bit of time to think about it.if we married beacause we avoid from making sin,i think we better not married instead of taking risk in our life.that's the fact.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

counting the days

it is almost 1 month only b4 final scared+worry.i dunno why maybe coz this is my last sem so i must struggle more than b4 if not i will come again 2 penang to study.i don't want.i got a headache already for study(read+calculation) almost 7 year plus my diploma 3 years.GOD please help me.give me strength 2 facing the days to from now on i must do alot of exercise n memorize all the formulas that final exam is on 5 nov 2008.wish me LUCK...i hope i can pass this sem.i want 2 go 2 work.

new interest

dunno what happen 2 me.dah la this sem not get any scholarship still wat 2 buy any things yg pelik2.for now i want 2 buy green handbag coz what i can is it can be suit with any other cloths that we wearing.very very nice 2 see.this is what i mean with the green handbag.. nice huh...
i also want 2 buy a new jean coz long time didn't bought any jeans since 3 years sad weekend i'm gonna go 2 Kl so i hope i can buy the things that i want n also a pair of shoes which i most preferred--->VINCCI (of coz)