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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

.:2nd mid term break:.

start 22aug til 31aug,all the students n teachers will be once again.on 22aug also all the muslims will start fasting.2 all muslims out there happy fasting.although holiday,i still have work to do which is checking students equivalent test paper.oh subject had finish checked but only the PSK(Sivik),don't why i don't have mood to check it.mayb coz the subject are not important or mayb coz i thought that the Q in objective form so they might be easy 4 me to right it.hehehe...lazy teacher am i.

actually today my mum asks me to clean up our tv n the area around it.but i feel so i decide to hear some energetic song to make me feel comfort b4 start doing the work.besides i'm fasting today.this is my 2nd day mayb it also 1 of the factor why i'm like this.

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