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Sunday, March 27, 2011

journey to hatyai part 2


woke up early in the morning n check out from the hotel.took LRT @ titiwangsa n went 2 kl sentral.straight away go to KTM counter to make sure the time for train going to hatyai.after that v placed our luggage at the luggage counter n went to Plaza Low Yat by monoroil.mission n vision to grab a dslr begin by walking through all the store inside the plaza.go some store and ask how much canon eos 600d.1 of the shop give the cheap price n t asked me to not grab it now coz it will only makes our things become a i agreed with the idea n look for ink printer 4 my bby canon ip1000.after get the ink v headed 2 Sg Wang Plaza which is only besides the plaza.otw v saw a money changer and change our RM to Thai Baht.v only do window shopping n i also took this chance to survey the price here to compare it with things sold in hatyai.went back to kl sentral and rest while waiting for our train.

penantian suatu penyiksaan

by the time 9pm v are called to get inside n take our seat as printed in the tix n the journey begins.HATYAI here i come.very2 excited.

ada crita d sebalik green flip flop ni (mcm army plak)

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