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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

back 2 school had opened for 3 days first so bz coz many things to do plus i'm a class teacher.fuh...for the 1st time u know.still need to prepare for all new form 1 students whose entered to SMK Merotai Besar..welcome 2 this school n hopefully y'all can enjoy learning here, get knowledge n have a lot of fwens.
story for today is i'm not entered class 4 the whole days.i'm not lazy k.this coz i need to separate all the students to each class based on their UPSR after finish it, i'm asking Mrs N to help me to separate the students' 001 first i thought both of us can handle it but b4 start i called 2 new teacher who just posted at our school, ms abee n ms juliana to help the work was run very well.thanks 2 all of u.
it's not to late 2 welcome 5 new teachers who just posted at our school.wlcome 2 smkmb n hope y'all enjoy teaching n giving guidance to the students.

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